Sleep is vital to your health and well-being. Studies have indicated a significant correlation between those who get fewer than seven hours of sleep in a 24-hour period and a variety of health issues, including heart problems (as well as a heart attack), asthma, stroke, cancer, arthritis, and diabetes. Depression rates increase in those with shorter sleep durations as well. Even the likelihood of obesity may have a connection to shorter sleep times.

Most people know just how valuable sleep is to their minds, bodies, and emotional health. They generally understand that the problem needs to be fixed, but they are not sure how to do it.

Sleep deprivation or chronic sleeplessness is a very serious problem for many Americans today. The average adult needs between seven and nine hours of sleep each night and children need far more sleep than adults. That time is extremely important to both your mental and physical health.

When you sleep, your body heals any minor issues with your heart and blood vessels. Sleep is also critical to healthy brain function. It forms pathways while you sleep to help you remember information and learn more effectively. Without that time to create those connections, your learning, attention, and even creativity can become impaired.

In America, an estimated 50 to 70 million adults have some type of sleep disorder, with insomnia being the most common problem one. Roughly 30% of adults report having short-term issues with insomnia, and approximately 10% have issues with long-term insomnia.  So you are not alone! 

tapping into the sleep brain

If you speak to anyone who has trouble sleeping, they will tell you that they often just “can’t shut their brain off” to go to sleep. Their mind races—considering their day, the to-do list of tomorrow, or a variety of other worries.

To sleep, the chemistry in your brain needs to change—the chemistry that triggers sleep needs to overcome the chemistry of wakefulness. This process can be difficult to go through when your brain is constantly running through memories and task lists.

Not to worry, though, we have a solution: you can help your brain change its chemistry so you can go to sleep by using natural herbs such as our RELAX formula. Over time, using these remedies can help your brain restore itself, so you will be able to go to sleep completely naturally, without the assistance of the herbs.

When used in combination,  full-spectrum CBD hemp and expertly formulated botanical extracts help alter the brain’s chemistry so you can get to sleep faster and sleep better. When used properly and over time, it can even help address more severe sleep problems like narcolepsy and restless leg syndrome.

our favorite combo for a good night: relax & sleep


Research published in 2019 looked at whether CBD could improve sleep and/or reduce anxiety. The study involved 72 subjects, with 47 experiencing anxiety and 25 experiencing poor sleep. The subjects were each given 25 milligrams (mg) of CBD in capsule form each day. In the first month, 79.2 percent of the patients reported lower anxiety levels and 66.7 percent reported better sleep.

Pain, which may also cause sleep problems, can be helped by CBD as well. A 2018 reviewTrusted Source in Frontiers in Pharmacology noted that there’s a fair amount of evidence to support the claim that CBD soothes pain. The authors note that by reducing chronic pain, CBD can improve sleep.

don't take our word for it...

“For the past few years, I have had trouble falling and staying asleep, so I’ve tried several different sleep aids, but this one was by far the most effective with none of the side effects. It has a great honey-like taste that adds to the soothing effect and I never wake up with any grogginess, even on the nights I use it and can’t get a full night’s rest!.” 

– Tiffany Fang, Venterra Customer

Other research tells us that CBD affects the sleep cycle. Research from 2014Trusted Source looked at four patients with Parkinson’s disease. It found that CBD improved the symptoms of REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD), a disorder in which a person acts out their dreams. RBD is associated with poor sleep and nightmares.

A 2017 review also noted that CBD may be helpful in treating RBD, and that it shows potential for treating excessive daytime sleepiness.

Grogginess, another symptom of insomnia, might also be affected by CBD. A 2014 reviewTrusted Source found that CBD could have the potential to promote wakefulness, based on both human and animal research. The authors noted they weren’t sure exactly how or why CBD promoted wakefulness in some instances.

In summary, CBD may help treat:

  • the causes of sleepiness
  • excessive daytime sleepiness
  • grogginess


The following doses are based on amounts that have been investigated in scientific studies. In general, it is recommended that users begin with the smallest suggested dose, and gradually increase until it has an effect.

A range of doses from 10mg to 600mg and higher amounts has been studied in scientific research, for sleep problems, anxiety, depression, stress, and other conditions.

If you are ready to get better sleep, you can learn more about our full-spectrum hemp and expertly formulated botanical extracts called “SLEEP” and how it may help you sleep.

Our full spectrum CBD Hemp is commonly used to address anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia. As mentioned, studies suggest that CBD Hemp may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep.


Similar to using trial and error to determine the right milligram strength, the time it takes for CBD products to kick-in varies as well. Generally speaking, most packaging purports anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes for it to take effect.

Unlike its THC counterpart, CBD items containing THC below 0.3% by weight can not only be purchased and shipped anywhere in the continental United States, but you can also throw it in your bag when traveling to combat sleep issues far from home.

don't take our word for it...

I’m an ER nurse and work nights at a level 1 trauma center. My shifts are often long and grueling. When I finally get home, I need to make the most of my rest and recovery time. Venterra Farms Sleep tincture really helps me to get the quality sleep I need and I wake up feeling refreshed.

-Dorina Saatciu, Venterra Customer


a great replacement for traditional sleep aids

CBD may be a good replacement for traditional sedatives or other herbs, such as:

• Calamus
• California poppy
• Catnip
• Hops
• Jamaican dogwood
• Kava
• L-tryptophan and 5-HTP

• Melatonin
• SAMe
• St. John’s wort
• Sassafras
• Skullcap
• Valerian

Our SLEEP formula comes from the source, as we are the ones growing, harvesting, and processing the Hemp CBD.  It is literally farm-to-table CBD. We implement organic, non-GMO, natural processes. We take pride in clean, safe, and potent products so you can reap the benefits of premium full-spectrum hemp.

ready to sleep better?

If you are ready to get better sleep, you can learn more about our full-spectrum hemp and expertly formulated botanical extracts called “SLEEP” and how it may help you sleep.

Our full spectrum CBD Hemp is commonly used to address anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia, studies suggest that CBD Hemp may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep.  

Combine “SLEEP” with our “RELAX” formula.  RELAX helps you throughout the day prepare for a good nights rest.  

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